Thursday, July 26, 2007

Week 9, Thing 23

The end or the beginning?

It was as interesting learning project. I have said in the past I was familiar with about 85% of the topics. But I did learn a few new things. I liked that I got paid to play with the programs. If there is another project like this again, count me in. I know I was able to go through the exercise quickly, but I think that non-techie people shouldn't have too much trouble with it. Even though a few of the staff have already said they want me very near when they start working on the project.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Week 9, Thing 22


I have used both NetLibrary and Overdrive in the past. NetLibrary I think is the better of the two because you can get the item today. Where as Overdrive you will probably have to put the item on hold to get it.

There are a few downsides to them thought. One you have to have access to a Hi Speed Internet connection to get full use out of it. Especially NetLibrary, because you have to use the CD quality file to use it on your portable device. The second is that they are in Windows Media Format, which means no Linux systems. Which hits hard on this system because we are switching to an all Linux system for staff machines. Third, that when you get the book its one big file, its not broken up into chapters etc. So if you lose your place and have to start over, you have to fast forward through the file to get back to a specific place.

Week 9, Thing 21


Ok, I picked yahoo podcasts, seeing I have a Yahoo account. It was easy to setup and subscribe to the podcasts. I subscribed to three in a few minutes time, Two library associated and a NPR cast. I can see it useful in keep on top of information on library news and books etc.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week 9, Thing 20


Whats to say, it a great site. A new twist in its use was for the presidential debates, where people posted questions on YouTube for the candidates to answer. Thats was a interesting way of using it, Youtube has become a two way conversation device.

There are different add-ons to FireFox to add to your Youtube experience. One you can actaully download the YouTube video to you own computer and play it anytime.

It can see YouTube being used for post vids for programs and staff training.

Week 8, Thing 19

Google Maps

This one I agree with the award. I have been using it for months. It a great site . I actually used it to plan my route for my recent trip to Niagara Fall, with a stop in Corning, New York. I used it to print out sections of maps were I had to change highways etc. Also to get better views of my destination area. In fact I just used it today to give a coworker directions to her meeting.

If you type in what you are looking for say the library, it will give you a street address, map, possible a picture, link to their website, driving directions etc. It a very useful tool in a library setting. It one of the main questions we are asked is where something is located.

Week 8, Thing 18

Google docs

I have used it in the past. It works fairly well. It lets you upload, download print etc. HCL was actually thinking of pushing a system like this for the public to use a couple of years ago. This was before we adopted Groovix, OpenOffice and flash drives. I don't remember the systems name.

Google docs is good because it ties in with the rest of your Google account. Your Google account is a one stop shop for email, doc, IM, blogging etc.

Week 7, Thing 17


Well I am done playing in it. It looks like they have already have problems with people editing in the wrong place. I posted my blog. I had to setup a Howard list, it wasn't there.

Week 7, Thing 16


Well its a different way to post information. It setup to be collaborative. Its interested how one system setup a Wiki for Web 2.0. Hcl has be playing with set up Wiki's for library use. Two are setup now, LTS technology, and they are working on Computer competencies. I can see more developing more in the future, for staff training etc.

The one thing you have to watch out for is how open the wiki is to add/edit, The big case in point is Wikipedia, where certain entries into more opinions then facts. Luckily they jumped on the problem, and started to monitor it more closely and double checking/clearing entries.

Week 6, Thing 15

Web 2.0.
I read the five perspectives. Four of them I agree with. The first one "away from the Icebergs" I have problems with. The views are some what off. The just in case collection, how far does he want to take the idea. There are patrons who want it in book form, they don't want to use the computer. Format matters in where you want to use the info and what type of access to it.

The other is the reliance on user education. Its one thing to make something to make it easy. It another to dumb it down too much. It think its a good idea to do at least some teaching to patrons on say how to use Google etc. Some people need the human interaction to learn. I know it says when we can. But how can we know how/if patrons are using it, if we don't see them using it. For example, when we switch to our new website. Some people came in and expressed their opinions about it. While we learned more about problems when we were instructing patrons on how to use it. We saw the troubles they were have first hand, and understood what they were to an extent.

Week 6, Thing 14

Well they might want to update the video the front page of the site has changed. That might throw off some of the others that will be taking the course. The site is easy to use. Web 2.0 is right on the front page in the search word cloud. When clicked it came up with all sort of results, some connected with 2.0, some just pick up web on their page, etc. Its not surpising that some of the top searches are Harry Potter, iPhone, YouTube.

Week 6, Thing 13
It looks like a site we were using about 7 years ago at Central, Backflip. I used it for a while then lost it use when we got our own computers. Delicious will be useful for setting up a group of site for a particular search. or grouping sites for teaching a class etc. Tags are helpful for unique searching options. The site will also be helpful in judging sites, how many people use it, comments etc. The tutorial video was down when I was doing this thing, hopefully it will be back up soon so I can check it out.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Week 5, Thing 12

It wasn't to hard to setup an account on Rollyo. My search roll is called "The Searcher" link: Its just a general group of search engines/databases.
I can see this coming in very handy for custom search to use at work and hobbies, especially in a library setting. I will probably be setting some more up in the future.

Week 5, Thing 11

Library Thing.
It is interesting. Its is easy to use. I just wish there was a easy way to upload just an normal list of books to it. I have a list of book that I stared when I first started to work here. It would be cool it I could add them to this site, but its several hundred books long. So I would probably just add new ones to it. Book suggester in neat. The book groups and talk will be useful for librarians for recommendations, book groups etc.
Here is my catalog link:

Week 5, Thing 10

Online image Generators.
I tried two of them, Yahoo's and the Simpons. The Simpons was the easier of the two because the choices were limited. But it was still interesting. Here is mine. Her is the main

Then I played with Yahoo Avatars. It interesting that in lives on the U.K. site. This one wasn't really hard to use, but it has a lot of different choices after playing with it here's what I came up with. I will probably play with it some more later. Here's what I have so far.
the main link is:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Week 4, Thing 9

I have known about Merlin for a good while. I was added to their system, I get email about once a week or so. I don't know if it was from the BTC or AUN. I have seen it grow from a small site to a good size one. RSS feed wasn't a problem.

I can see Feedster and Techorati beeing helpfull for finding specialized feeds. Syndic8 would be useful because its human based, so its sorted though a little more and you can get more info about the feed. Topix would be useful for news stories form various sources.

Another way to get news feeds like "My Yahoo" is iGoogle. I use it as my main page because you can set it up anyway you want. You can add as much feeds you want in an organized format, and it being added to all of the time. It covers a wide range of subjects. iGoogle lets people format their RSS feeds into an easy format that you add at a click of a button to the page without an external reader. If you don't see what you what you can still add an outside RSS to Google Reader which is an app you can add to iGoogle. You can even add canned apps to the page to do almost anything.

Week 4, Thing 8

RSS feeds,
Here at HCL we have been using them since about December. I have them set up to notify me about new books, books on cd and dvds. I have set up google reader, on my iGoogle page, so I can check it everyday.

Week 3, Thing 7

New technology that caught my eye is a new feature that Windows Vista has in conjunction with the new flashdrives, its called ReadyBoost. It allows your computer to use your flashdrive as active memory, thus increasing your computers performance. You can double or even triple your memory but just plugging in your flash. Seeing what internal memory still costs/installation and how cheap flashdrives are and how easy it should be to use. I think this will be a winner.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

week 3, Thing 6

Ok Flickr apps,
Its interesting how many there are, and that people take the time/energy to create the apps. For example the badge maker and different type of trading card apps. They are a unique type of graphic. And then there are the art apps, like the Warholizer and the cube maker. Finally Mappr is very interesting being able to go by map to see what is actually there and how persons pictures reflect on a location.

Week 3, Thing 5

I searched library images. I commented/joked about something like this here at Glenwood about two years ago. This library system uses this to post photos of past events and what is coming up at the library, programs etc. Is it possible to use the "Get Ready/Cern" display for this once it has severed its purpose

7 1/2 Lifelong Learning Habits


I guess the easiest one for me is using technology to my advantage. I always have used technology creatively in learning and solving problems.

I guess the hardest one is view problems as challenges. In my case its kinda 50/50 . Somethings I do see things as learning potential, other times I see things as a crisis/hassle. It depends on what exactly what the problem is and how many are coming at me at the same time.